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Originally Posted by BMWfan View Post
It is a reputable shop. I found the shop by it being recommended more than once here on the maxbimmer forums. And the mechanic is a certified BMW mechanic with over 15 years experience working at a BMW dealership, and also working independently for few years. He is not a general mechanic, and from all appearances and recommendations he seemed to be the right person to fix a BMW.
yeah, and lots of the tech work flat rate. Do you know how that works? if they can't diagnose a problem within a specific time allowance, time = $ they start losing money. So they make up shit, and replace what doesn't need replacing or at the very best get close to what needs replacing. Whether under warranty or not and get paid on it. Customer pays jobs are gravy. Warranty not. Doesn't mean because he licensed he's good at what he does. One would figure YES; but not always. Maybe he was smoking something funny or just having and "off"day.. I'm no tech, but I know enough that one should double check their work and if a spring is missing then find it.

Now if he been open for a while but doesn't have the right equipment to diagnose then he's not gonna get the right code to solve his problem.

Maybe it was just a one off day(s) or shop? the whole situation sounds really weird.


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