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Originally Posted by everlast View Post
You went to Grandpa Garage for a safety?
They call themselves Actek Automotive. It was only after, on the bill, that it said "Grandpa's Garage". CURSE YOU GRANDFATHERS!!!

Originally Posted by The Twin View Post
LOL they did my appraisal.


btw Maxbell, these are fairly easy fixes.
it's worth the while to address them now, ESPECIALLY the floor.

we allready have enough ratteling heap-symphonies on the road as it is...make it safe, play safe....none of this "know-a-guy fake safety bullshit"

it's not only to protect you, but to protect others around you
Yeh, you're probably right. I'm just really antsy to get this car on the road.
REMEMBER: Be safe and have fun is Rule Number 1.

Originally Posted by 411 View Post
just letting this furom [*forum] know
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