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so let me get this straight. China and India two DEVELOPING nations are supposed to what exactly? remain poor? no sorry its a world effort, they have the most number of people, and per capita less pollution. By capita CANADA has one of the HIGHEST. They are ALLOWED to develop while we have to cut back. Does this put us at a disadvantage, who cares the environment is going to give a fly ****.

14 billion.......****ing nothing in relative terms to the GNP of Canada. Or the 1.7 trillion GDP this year.Or the 400 billion in exports this year? Or the five billion we spend in donations to other countries?

14 billion pffft, We pay that much a year for welfare.....oh wait let me guess that is too much too then huh? We are the laughing stock of the world. "Have to pull of every vehicle of the road to meet emissions", hmm I wonder why environmentalists blasted those comments. I WONDER.

Lets look at the long run now shall we? with us not in the Kyoto accord, the oil industry will expand even more, accelerating Canada's dependance on that dirty fossil fuel. Meanwhile because of this there is no incentive for company's to developed alternative resources that are sustainable and green.

"Canada is like the kid in class who knows hes going to fail so he drops out anyway"...........

Guys guys guys, its ok. As long as nothing affects you personally everything else in the world is complete bullshit to you. I get it. And honestly everyone in the world is laughing at us, should be ashamed that we sacrifice a global initiative so desperately needed, in favor of $14 billion which also will let our oil industry grow, thus satisfying Harpers energy freinds and Americas energy needs and putting more money in the hands of the rich. Hey have you heard they are already building a oil pipeline from Alberta to Texas?

Number one reason for pulling out is because we are America's bitch. They need our water, food, timber, and oil. Any official reason put forth by Canada for why is a white wash. We are the first country to withdraw from Kyoto. Pathetic. Should be ashamed if you voted for Harper.
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