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Originally Posted by Bullet Ride View Post
Two words why Canada will never be able to meet the Kyoto protocol: Oil Sands. We have the worlds third largest oil reserve, but it's the largest reserve open to private investment. How are you supposed to increase oil production and reduce greenhouse emissions at the same time? Just to be clear, I'm not trying to justify the decision, I thinks it's pretty sad to be honest. I'm sure there's plenty of ways to improve the refining process used in the oil sands however the oil companies would probably end up charging us double what we pay per litre now because there's still some oil tycoons with their private, gold plated A380's on order.
Yeah I know its sad. And like every year oil companies are like no the rising cost of oil is hurting us too! yet they keep posting record amounts of profits, which are going mostly to the executives. I think if our government regulated corporations in the oil business to prevent the concentration of wealth in the hands of executives then that profit can be reinvested into the corporation itself to increase growth and R&D, or cheaper fuel prices.

Or straight up, in my ideological mood, I would like to see our government nationalize the corporation. But that is it against our statues that gives corporations the rights of individuals, actually more rights than individuals. I mean look at Venezuela who nationalized the American oil corporations. That profit now has been turned into real change for society, maybe not cheaper oil but more social programs, such as subsidizing education and health, indirectly too with the help of Cuba giving its doctors and teachers in exchange for cheap oil. But as a pragmatist would never happen in this country, I only mention the possibility.

Nevertheless........we are out of kyoto accord, we will contribute to our own destruction for short term gains which what-ever political party will hijack and be like "look we are awesome we garanteed the forcasted growth!". While the rest of the world facepalms.
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