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Originally Posted by South View Post
Man if other first world countries have this and are abiding the Kyoto accord and have more population with less resources then why can't we.
We could, but you answered it yourself....we have more resources and the means by which to harvest and process them. Comparing our situation to that of nations where the vast majority live well below the poverty line is simply unrealistic. If you wish for your standard of living to be maintained, it is going to take decades for the technology capable of making serious changes to be developed. Kyoto was done under great intentions, but suffered from huge flaws such as the labelling of some huge polluters (and damn wealthy) as developing holding them responsible for little. It also did not account for nations such as Canada with huge pools of resources, we're expected to just sit on them? Sorry, but that's not entirely realistic either.

Change needs to occur yes, but the punishments need to applied to private industry and those who are becoming billionaires not tax paying citizens.
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