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Originally Posted by DINAN 3 View Post
I know "e30bim" shot his mouth off about the G-note.
What I'm sayin is that $1000 wagers don't belong on these boards, amongst friends.
Endgame ~~> No-one here is gonna actually feel right about watching one of you having to pay out $1000, yet at the same time you're also not gonna get off easy (see Boots R's comments).
"e30bim" is not backing out here.....just responding to my I right "e30bim" ?
You guys do as you please.
Yes, but a "friend" doesn't exactly go shouting off about saying who can afford what, and telling people that they don't have money for mods when he has no idea what he's talking about, especially in a thread that had NOTHING to do with money but which posed a very simple question. If you go around insulting people for no reason, you deserve a harsh lesson such as this, IMO.

I agree with what VSanj said.

e30bim, are you gonna be at the friday meet?

Does anyone here know this e30bim character in person? Does he show up to meets ?
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