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Originally posted by E46_lover
isnt rev matching and heel toe the same thing? this is so confusing...

when i first drove stick, i dont remember but when i upshifted it was smoth..same with downshifts...but i was shifting at like 3-4000rpm and then in 3rd at 3000 then that why it didnt jerk?
To me and my friends, rev matching is popping the clutch in and while you're downshifting you tap on the gas and pop the clutch back out. (no brakes used)

Heel Toe is when you're braking and then as you're braking you clutch in and blip the throttle while you're still on the brakes.

But technically, both methods are bascially rev matching the gears when you downshift; so same thing but one method is without the brakes.

You can still jerk the car at any rpm that you shift at. I could even shift at 2500rpm, clutch in but then instantly release the clutch very quickly w/out gasing it and you'll feel the car jerk. I noticied that if i try to shift somewhat quick, sometimes I still gas on back too slow and clutch out too quickly after upshifting, thus feeling the jerkyness. It takes practice, sometimes I can get it right while other times there's a slight jerk.
Same with downshift, if I downshift (without rev matching) but I clutch out way too quickly after downshifting, you'll feel the car jerk for sure. That's what I did when my A4 friend taught me manual, the first time I downshifted from 3rd to 2nd, oh man, I popped the clutch out so quickly that the car jerked so much, heh I think he wanted to kick my butt for that, but from there on I figured how to do it properly :madnoel:
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