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The fact that he was recording prior or after the situation escalated is not the issue at hand.

This sort of thing happens to alot of people, but we do not have a discussion or opinion on it as there is no record of it pasted on the internet for public consumption.
These asses are trained to deal with people and the behavior on this tape does not indicate any level of professionalism apart from the conversation he had with the second ass clown while sitting. That conversation was somewhat civil but the guy was pushing his luck and did aid in the situation going to the extreme it did because the unprofesional ass clown went on a power trip.

This type of thing happens all the time and does not make the civilian on the receiving end less or more deserving.

The fact that the assclowns have a code of conduct to follow and despite that, they are willing to manufacture shit to ruin peoples lives make them much more worse and even more dangerouse than some smart ass cross border shopper.
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