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Originally Posted by misschigga View Post
It's sad! but with many intravenous drug abusers it's the lack of personal hygiene! Simply because some stop caring all together. To inject the "krokodil" i read you need a huge needle so the puncture wound is large allowing for all kinds of dirt to get in then you ad a weak immune system due to poor diet and drug addiction and BINGO a nasty sore that will grow out of control. Once that dirty bacteria is in the blood stream you can forget about getting better.
Anyone ever googled pics of a liver damaged by alcohol? I think that's just as bad
No, it's way worse than what you're saying. I wish it was as simple as dirt.

In this case they are injecting a very poisonous homemade substance (desomorphine) which simply deteriorates their skin and flesh until it peels off. All of this simply because heroin is too expensive for them.

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