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Fried Rice

Coming home from the airport today in my E30, just picked Dad up from business trip. Minding my own business in the fast lane (140kph) when a ricer pulls onto the highway (410 north, pulled out on Derry). At this time I go into the center lane, I'm in no mood for a race with my Dad riding shotgun. This guy comes up in the left lane in a red civic hatchback with a wing, some rims, and ofcourse the fartcan in the back. Hondaman speeds up and slow down in the left lane, tempting me into racing, so I oblige. Drop into 4th (gotta love the 5-spd swap) and give it some gas, backing off once I hit 180kph (near redline). I slow down to 120, looking for a lower speed lauch in 3rd to really blow his doors off, and the ricer bites. Basically from the get go I have three car lengths on him, in my bone stock E30. Funny thing is I have driven my uncles '94 hatch and I thought it could keep up with my BMW. I guess the guy couldn't drive, or he had an automatic. Either way the guy was fried, and he promptly pulled off on williams parkway. After I dropped my dad off at home I decided to pick up my buddy and go down to the local timmies to see if the guy was there. Lo and behold the guy is there, and he's got his hood up and everything, bragging about his stock d15 motor, talking about how he just beat a BMW on the highway. I parked across the lot from him, and he closed his hood pretty fast when I started walking over. He had a real stupid look on his face, escpecially when he recognised my car. Stupid ricers lose and then lie and say then win.
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