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Originally Posted by Blades View Post
investing in RIM would be high risk .. no different then the whole Nortel stock a few years ago.
I wouldnt say high risk, there is a risk involves in every stock you buy, so you have to know what your risk tolerant is.

Cant compare RIM to Nortel, different business and Nortel was more "creative accounting" when it went under unlike RIM who is sitting on around 3 billlion in cash and their subscriptons grew in their last quarters.

Ironically RIM, APPLE and a few others combined and bought Nortel's patents.

The market has been saying that condo market will crash for the last 5 years and if you have waited for the crash,you will still be waiting and you would have to pay $100K more today...SQ 1 condos were selling for $200k 5 or 6 years ago, I saw used units in that area listing for $340ish
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