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Thing is, we want to trade in our MS3. No point in having 2 vehicles when we only need the one. We could look @ 335i's but the price jump on those are retarded as well, which is understandable since it is overall a bigger car. There was some talk about looking @ a 2010 MC C230, or 250 or even a C300. It just won't have the performance appeal and will just be a bland DD.

Here's some of the vehicles :


Funny thing is, the prices are so different from place to place it's hard to gauge what is a good deal or not. That's why we took our time seeing if getting the other 135i that sold was a good purchase or not. By the time we thought things through about getting it, it was sold by then. Now I'm kicking myself in the butt because it was auto/paddle and a nice color combo with low km.

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