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OMG, the number of uneducated/uninformed people bugs the fvck out of me.

When one says E46 rear subframe damage they actually refer to a cracked/ripped sub-floor. ( dont know what the 3rd 4th and 5th pictures posted are, but they sure dont look like E46 subframe ). ANyway, to see if you have a any damage you need to look at the 4 mounting points. The subframe (diff carrier) bolts to the subfloor of the car with 4 point. The subfloor cracks and may even rip out. Most, if not all call this "subframe failure" when actually its the subfloor(I've yet to see or EVEN hear of an actual subframe on E46 being bad or breaking, except from rusting away, but that irrelevant).

This picture will show the area to inspect more clearly.
Most common failure point is the driver side rear mount.
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