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Question HELP: Exact distance from the front spoiler edge to the cross member? ASAP T.I.A.

Hey Fellas,

Long story short I've been looking into investing in a top of the line jack, something with a low starting point, high max. lift height and from a real quality manufacturer. Having not found the AC Hydraulic DK13HLQ for anything under $550 (or € for that matter), I decided to look into Rodcraft because they are well known in Europe for top quality German made parts and have a great line of jacks.

I received somewhat of a one day only price for today on two of their low profile HD jacks and want to check if it's worth the extra cost for the more expensive one which has a low profile that simply runs longer. Can anyone tell or check for me, how long is it from the edge of the M front bumper to the cross member point for jacking? If possible also in the rear to the rear carrier point?

The one jack has a min. lift height of 75mm for the first 295mm of length. The second jack which is about 80€ more has a 80mm starting point but for the first 515mm of length.

If the second jack can clear until the cross member and rear carrier for jacking direct from the floor without having to use wood or ramps etc. to get the car higher for clearance first, then I will definately go with it to invest in the jack once and for all that makes life with lowered cars more convenient. Would hate to buy it though to find it it doesn't and I could've saved the money and got the other one because the car needs additional clearance either way.

Thanks in advance! If my car was with me presently I would quickly just stick a measuring tape under there myself, but unfortunately it's not.
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