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Originally Posted by Eurostyle View Post
What frustrates me is that it can happen even buying something BRAND new! Even if it was new, in the box, from BMW dealer, there is a slight chance that it CAN be defective (no product is ever 100% perfect, even with the best quality controls). And there is nothing much more the dealer would have done, other then refund (unlikely) or exchange...Its not like they will compensate you for your one houre drive! In fact, you might have to wait several weeks for a new part to come in, as 20 year old ECU's are not a hot selling item thats kept in stock.
It doesn't have to be defective. As if no one's driven out far to a store to look into buying something that in the ad seemed perfect for their needs. Then you get there and it turns out to be the wrong thing or they don't have it in stock. I wonder if this dude demands that they pay for his gas in those cases too or reports them to the BBB.
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