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The Ultima Factory yesterday smashed the production car world record in an Ultima GTR for sprinting to 100mph and back to zero again beating times set by all manner of supercars.

Driven by Ultima Director, Richard Marlow, the factory built Ultima GTR set a new world record time of 10.3 seconds to achieve 0-100mph-0 smashing the previous record by half a second. The British built super car stormed from 0-60mph in 2.8 secs and reached 100mph from standstill in an incredible 5.9 secs before coming back to rest a mere 4.4 secs later.

All of the times were set by a standard, factory built, fully road legal, road tyred Ultima GTR built using all of the high spec factory specified and proven parts. The car was even equipped with a few luxuries such as air conditioning but no traction control devices; launch control systems or ABS braking aids were used.

The car was fitted with its recommended Porsche G50 5 speed transaxle and normally aspirated 640BHP 377ci Chevrolet V8 engine which is a standard offering by the factory from its official engine suppliers American Speed.

Ultima are particularly proud that their record time beat the legendary £630,000 McLaren F1 road car by well over a full second at less than one tenth of the cost!

Richard Marlow, Director of Ultima Sports Ltd said “The 0-100mph-0 test is believed by many to be the ultimate test for any car and is a true indicator of a cars all round performance ability. We haven’t strapped any timing gear onto one of our cars for a few years now and decided that the time was right to demonstrate to everybody how we have been successfully developing our product over the years and gained a world record in the process."

Bouyed by his success, Richard continued, "We also wanted to go on to measure the 0-200mph-0 time at the relatively short Bruntingthorpe runway on the same day however severe rain and thunderstorms curtailed this for now but it didn’t stop Ted from achieving a rather interesting 192mph pass in the wet on standing water with over 1500rpm still available!”

The test was conducted, overseen and verified by an official from Datron Technology and the latest state of the art GPS timing gear was utilised to achieve and ensure maximum accuracy.
A submission has been made to Guinness Book of Records.

Here are the Vids that doesn't require loging in.

Get them while they last....

0-100-0 In Car...

0-100-0 Side

0-100-0 Rear
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