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Originally Posted by propr'one View Post
Updating thread again:
-Bought subsidized 4S from rogers (renewed 36 mo)
-Sold subsidized 4s (for retail, LOL)
-Gave away rogers retention plan (for free, wasn't that great)
-Signed up for Virgin 5$ flex data
up to 10MB is 5$
up to 250MB is 15$
up to 5GB is 35$
Resets automatically every month. No activation fee, no contract, can cancel anytime with 30 days notice.

So far:
-Put sim in phone, worked immediately after sync (2 min)
-APN settings had to be manually fixed (super easy)
-Push works
-the virgin(Bell) network here in alberta is much faster

Get heywire (free text & MMS) working (unfortunately, its on IOS4 which i dont want to run, will probably cave)
Get canadian number for heywire (2$ a month, includes unlimited texting to canada/usa/china)
Finalize grooveshark settings for
possibly buy toronto number for DID (1$ month)

I have never used more than 250mb data, and i do not use my cell phone for voice, so voip useage should be minimal. I'm going to have both my landline and cell line on simultaneous ring, so phone will never be used at home. (Even if i did use it @ home it would use wifi. 3G works as a fallback for wifi without dropping the call, but it will never switch back over to wifi after being on 3G.

I saved 500$ a month by telling rogers to go **** themselves. If you're mad, look forward to my upcoming post in the insurance thread.

Other observations

The virgin sim card does have a phone number attached to it. It can place outbound calls. Have not tried inbound or texting, expect both to work. I'd like be charged/discovered if i use that a lot (virgin could check which device i'm using by running my IMEI) so i dont plan on ****ing with it. Nice knowing in an emergency i can still use GSM cellular. Also, i set up SBSettings to hide the phone, contacts and messaging app to prevent accidental use.
bringing back thread .. updates?
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