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Originally posted by '88 325e
Oh my god! Someone actually lived! That car is a well built BMW and not a little "Honda Pop Can"! Could you just imagine if it was!

This is why us maX members must stop racing each other on the cruises. If we want to start racing each other then we should organize lapping days like other forums. In that post only one out of at least three people could have died. Could you imagine if that F-150 was a little Honda with a family in it?

I'm not here to rant and rave my ass off, but when I get my E30 back it is going to the track and shows. The '73 2002 I bought it for daily driving since it is considerably slower. I have realized after I smacked up the Geo that it dosen't take much to get into an accident. And I have this feeling that someone will be seriously hurt or killed in one of our cruises and then people will realize.

thats tru dave....thats the only way we will learn but there are many factors that determine what happens in result of a race.
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