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Dealer says VIN won't identify rear end type - What?

Bought the car recently and had one of the guys on another forum run my VIN just to see what I have and was happy to learn that I apparently have a 25% LSD. With this info in hand I go to Maranello to get the OEM diff oil. Parts lady asks for my car's year, make & model and tells me it's not an LSD and insisted that only the M series have these according to her techs. I offered my VIN but she said there's no way to tell what diff I have with the VIN number and that she would not be responsible if I bought the wrong type of oil.

Ok fine, so I buy the recommended oil for an open diff and go home. Still not convinced, I put the car up on jacks and spin the wheels. They both turn in the same direction - WTH

So now totally confused, I turn to you guys for some input and suggestions. I want to put the correct oil in.

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