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LF: 325i-328i/is

Hey guys,
I've been on the search for my first car for awhile now, and I've decided to spent the money on a nice E36.

My budget is around $3500. I'm looking for a nice 325i, or a nice 328i/is. I've found a few, but deals have fallen through and my options have started to run out. I know I can't expect mint for this price, but really I'm just looking for something in good enough shape so I wont have to do any major work on the car within the first few months of ownership.

My preference would be a 328is coupe in manual, but i'll go with a 325i or 328i also. I REALLY want the car to be in manual though, thats a big selling point.

As for Km and year? The lower and newer the better. I'd rather have the car be no older then 1995 if possible, but no older then 1990. but I know I can't expect much with my current budget. Also, I live in Ottawa, so the closer to Ottawa the better, the farthest I'll go is Toronto, but the car would have to be a real gem for me to go there.

Thanks guys.

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