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LOL Fine.

So basically I went to court and when I got there there was only like 3 people and one was a cop. I assumed maybe my cop didn't show up so i was feeling optimistic. My witness lived about a block from the court so he would be there momentarily.

I told the Crown Attorney that I have a witness prepared to testify and the clown was actually nice compared to most who want to pressure you into making a deal.

Court starts and I dont see the cop anywhere so I'm actually getting excited, Im thinking 'I didn't need a witness anyway'. A second later the door opens and Im expecting it to be my witness but its actually the cop.

Im all scared cause my witness still hasnt shown up and the cop is looking at me like . Then she starts talking to the Crown.

Right after that they call my name, I'm shitting bricks because my witness still hasn't shown up. I didn't know what I was going to do. But apparently the cop came there with no evidence or statements and I proved I have a license so they dropped dismissed both charges.

I talked to the cop after and she tried to make it sound like she was doing me a favor. I just thanked her and said good bye.

Witness finally showed up about 15 minutes late and I told him the good news. He was coming with his gf who was also there and could potentially testify but she took forever to get dressed. We all went for a coffee after and I thanked them again for going out of their way to help me. I offered to pay for the coffee but they declined. They were so nice.
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