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Thanks for the info everyone! I wasn't too sure, I know even with protecting your own home from a robbery the law can be iffy. Kind of funny how the law protects more the criminal or the person in the wrong than the person not starting anything.

Even with it being a scuff and the guy using physical contact as anger against someone's property, he is definitely in the wrong to begin with. But then again the cops will just say the scuff could have been there before or it isn't worth filing.

I had an incident long long time ago, my parents and I live in a condo and it was a shared parking lot. Everything that lived there was middle aged to older, besides this younger girl who was in her late 20s. She was pretty much the village bicycle and didn't take a liking to us. The one night she was drunk with her friends and threw a load of bread all over my truck, left a small light dent in the hood and her and her friends hand prints were all over the whole truck. I kept my truck spotless and it was black, so it was very easy to see it. We called the cops, OPP came down and took her story first. Then he came to us and started accusing us and causing problems. I tried to claim the dent and he said "oh that was probably there before".
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