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Originally Posted by v4vivian View Post
Thank you 73 Tii for your good suggestion. After talking with the owner of my 1600. I think he can make it around $6000 CAD. Just wonder if this price is reasonable? Or I still have a long way to go?
Well, the market will judge things best. If you lower the price to that level, I suggest taking some more flattering photos and listing it in Hemmings. The low VIN might also help get it featured on Bringatrailer (e-mail directly -- don't send a link to the for-sale post).

Also, if you go for another round of classified ads, I suggest dropping the boilerplate dealer stuff (e.g. "Fuel type: Gas"). Anyone shopping for this sort of car is more interested in condition, maintenance and provenance. To be honest, the fact that it's being sold by a dealer is already a bit of a red flag. Your ad needs to overcome that stigma, not reinforce it.
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