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Service Requirements

Hi guys,

Just so you know, I do not know that much about cars and I am new to BMW so that is why I turned to you guys for help.

I bought a used 2006 330I and it had 85k. I have driven it for about 5K and the service light keeps coming on. I looked at the manual and it indicates the a service is due. Furthermore, i went through all 8 components digitally (brake fluid, spark plugs etc). From what I see, only the spark plugs and microfilter need to be changed. As for everything else, my car displays the remaining driving distance and the date of the next scheduled service. For all other components, from the dates under the symbol I still have time to service it (no km are displayed, just dates). Should I be worried that there are no km that are displayed, just the dates? Also, the microfilter is out of date supposedly and the spark plugs say 70k. Is this an urgent service?

Thanks guys for the help!
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