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Originally posted by petevw
i think you have the skirts mixed up. don't really care to argue at this point. nice M3 you have.

nice meeting you Jay. at 26K etested/cert i feel i am more than fair, below market value, get all my upgrades for free, and as a bonus you only pay one tax being a private sale. this car is a deal at 26k. as i said, i feel, the car needs front tires (even though you thought they were fine), to cert. which will cost me at least $700 for the pair if not more. was e-tested less than a year ago.

if i don't sell it this fall, i will test the market again in the spring probably will get more than 26k then. if i don't, i will enjoy it for another season. car is paid for, so.....oh well.
You have the skirts mixed up, believe me
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