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Originally posted by petevw
the bumper and sideskirts are lux!!
the bumper has the shorter SLAT grill not the mesh that regular M3's have.
the sideskirts on regular M3's are flat. these are the 3 series sport sideskirts. they have protruding contours in behind the front wheels and in front of the rear wheels.
sure you could say the wheels, full computer were options but this is all FACTORY equipped. the leather door panels, walnut wood trim were sold on luxury M3's only. all others got cloth (even with the leather interior), and black trim.

i don't have a pic of the seat handy. rest assured they are NOT VADERS. vaders did not come in the 97 luxury edition M3's. the regular M3's had vaders which are adjusted manually, and are not heated. but i invite you down to take a look.

i don't know were your getting your info from, but i know what i bought and have OWNED for the past 3/4years.

bring down your 97 M3/4 i would love to see it.
M3 do not have flat sideskirts, only LUX m3s got flat sideskirts.
There is no cloth in any M3, unless you ordered it.
I got leather door trim and it my car is not lux.

Don't take me wrong, I'm not trying to say that you are lying or anything.
I asked for the pic, cause I was wondeting what is Nappa Leather. I think I've seen it on euro m3, not sure.

And yes, stock M3 seats came non powered and non-heated.
I got winter package, so i got heated seats.

Anyway whati'm trying to say, that I've never seen a lux m3 with those skirts.

This is lux m3. Notice the bumper and sideskirts.
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