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still thinking

So i have narrowed it to
Audi B5 A4, not sure if all the repair cost rumors are true
Sentra S-ER

I really do not care about doing work on a car, hey they are used so no big deal, i just can't afford to have a car thats in the shop once a month. A lot of crap has been said about the Audi A4 but it was also said about the saab 9000 and that thing has not cost me anything and has been great. It obviously has a lot to do with prior maintenance, but there are also flaws built into every car, just depends how bad those flaws are. I am really leaning towards the Audi, just wondering who has driven one or has any knowledge as to ownership costs and issues. E36 318i is on the list for sure, would love the 325i but not sure about fuel cost. Sentra is just there because i owned one before, not S-ER but GXE and wouldn't die, I really want all or rear wheel drive though. Hey thanks for helping and please let me know if you have any good info on the Audi vs E36.
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