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How high will the car ride on standard suspension? Problem bein over here is insurance is a killer and im only 18 so its been a pain in the arse affording the BM in the first place but as soon as I mod it im screwed. I mean my last motor was pretty modded but I struggled insuring it big time as ya can probably guess from the pic:

but i wanna avoid doin all that sh*t again to the beemer, I wanna keep it simple and do as much to it as I can, I dunno if u have them over there but people round here drive nothing but bloody saxos, corsas and underpowered boxes on wheels, I know to you guys a 318 is underpowered but in the UK its not a bad motor, pretty middle of the range performancewise as standard and probably one of the fastest cars someone my age will own so I just wanna neaten it up a little with some stock looking sporty bumpers and other parts, little bits of AC trim and that, bits I can do without insurance going sick on me
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