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BimmerBoys: not a good experience.

I've given PJ plenty of time to get back to me but I've simply have had enough.

I originally got into contacted with PJ about the E36 M3 bumper they sell, was happy with the price and inquire about the M52 swap they had as I wanted one for our Ti, all I need was everything for the swap exclude the transmission, that was May 16th.

This was from one of my original PM:

Hi PJ, thanks for getting back to me, btw, the M52 you have, do you have everything as is from the E36? I'm looking for new engine for the Ti, if so, how much would you ask for the whole thing incld DME & harness?


We worked out on a delivery date and price for the swap & front bumper, I paid deposit on May 18th on Paypal, the engine was dropped off on June 7th, and I paid rest of it the same day, few things were missing from the initial drop off, but he later brought more.

On June 11th Jay let me know the following was missing:
- Knock sensor
- Cam position sensor
- power steering pump
- Power steering pump lines
- power steering reservoir
- Air box

I immediately let PJ know that those things were missing and also asked for tracking number for my bumper, I gave him the benefit of doubt and waited, in the mean time I try to source the pump on max as time is more important to me, I once more sent him another PM asking where things are and if they will be dropped off soon, the PM was sent on the 14th, as the swap was meant to be done within 2-3 days, and by now I've got a car sitting at the shop taking up space.

On the 17th, I sent PJ a PM telling him I'd like to know where things are and gave him options, here was my PM:

Hi PJ, I don't like to get into this but here's basically what my actions will be.

1: I'd like the missing parts send to Stance Factory ASAP, it shouldn't take longer than a day to find all the missing parts, you do not need to find a power steering pump as I've already purchased one and I'd like to know where my front bumper is, if those are done by Tuesday morning then things go on as normal, I'll forget about this great inconvenience.

2: If you cannot find the missing parts, I'd like to be re-imburse on the missing parts as it was part of the original deal, I will give you a complete write down on how much it costs me to find those parts, most I will purchase used but if not, I will have to purchase new, and I'd also like to know where my bumper is, once again, I'd like to know by Tuesday morning.

3: If you do not reply by tomorrow morning I will automatically assume you do not want to deal with this matter and I will file through paypal for resolution and I will deny payment on my credit card, as the $800 was placed on my credit card through paypal and will leave a note on the board of my experience.

I've given plenty of time for both the dismount and delivery of the engine and bumper, in fact the first deposit was made on May 18th with delivery schedule for June 7th, that's 3 weeks of time, if during that time you had notice lack of parts as promise, I would've appreciated you letting me know about it and I would've either not gone through with the deal or find another way to deal with it, but right now it has become a problem that it should not have become and a rather of a disappointment.


Which he immediately responded with:

I dont know what the problem is here? I told you I've got the parts and they were shipped out along with the bumper, so yes you'll have them.

just an FYI, I thought you bought an engine, wire harness and ecu. not a power steering pump not an alternator, not an intake, throttle, throttle boot. those are all items I sell separately because they are worth hundreds of dollars as individual items. what you are asking me to deliver is an engine swap. This is a case of miss-communication and I should have been more clear as to what I included for the 500$ price of the engine+harness+ecu. I apologize for that but as I said, I am satisfied that I went over and above what any other company would have done.

I dont want to argue with you about any of this,

The knock sensors, air box, vacuum hose and bumper are on their way, so really no need to worry about
Comes today, I've received a bumper with air box and knock sensor with various spark plug covers in them, not sure why he even put spark plug covers as I never asked for one.

But the fact I'm still missing various parts that are needed for the swap to be completed is completely driving me nuts, I've given the benefit of doubt numerous time and plenty of time for the removal and delivery of the engine, I would've love to be able to call them and ask about all these things but there was no phone number on the site, I even forwarded my phone #, if there was any issues or miscommunications, PJ should've let me know, I've NEVER not pay for what its worth on any transactions, if he really thought what he sold was too cheap, he had 3 weeks to tell me before the delivery, and as far as miscommunications go, they are in the business of BMW, its hard to mistaken that there were no 6cyl Ti sold in North America and its hard to finish an engine swap without those things.

Bottom line: I'm not looking for any reimbursement, I won't file dispute on paypal, I just want to move ahead and get my swap finish, I will source the missing parts myself, but extremely disappointed in PJ/BimmerBoys and how things were handled.

PJ, here's an advice, miscommunication happens, its simply put it, mistakes, but its lack of communication that's the most dangerous thing in business, a customer not knowing where things are or what's happening won't be a happy one, reputation is what brings people in/back, I hope you can learn from this.
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