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Originally Posted by Ado View Post

Interesting I just noticed that as well. I wonder how in the world they can charge GST a& PST. I thought they were located in the USA.

Karim@Corner73. So your price is all taxes included?

THey are located in the USA.

What happens is that when you order parts from the USA, the parts need to go through Canadian customs.

Canadian customs will charge duty and taxes on most imported merchandise. On top of this, the carrier (UPS in this case) will charge you a brokerage fee. This is what they charge to take care of all the paperwork for customs.

In the case of, they charge you all the fees upfront so that you know exactly how much you will have to pay. They charge you on behalf of Canadian customs and UPS. The tax money they collect is paid out to the Canadian government.

Check this out:

It is a very useful site to find out how much a part will really cost you when importing it from the USA. You will see that a seemingly lower price in the USA does not necessarily mean the part will end up costing less than from a Canadian supplier.

You can also read our FAQ here:
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