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Don't know if people are checking this thread... but some funny quote's I've run across by others:

do you realize what canada is made up of. we are the uncultured uneducated ignorant fisherman and mountain people who couldn't cut it in our own countries. I

f you want culture and human interaction you'll have to travel to the source. always remember that every thing that's done here has been done for hundreds of years almost every where else.

Canada used to be a great factory but even that now is Kaput.

Why I hate Canada:

this post is a serious one. please forgive any typos, i'm lazy to be zealous now.

i think it's because of :
1-) depressing weather
2-) Boring Canadians' traits and personality (closed, reserved, extremely formal, some very rude, some very unfriendly)
3-) The food generally sucks, unless if you buy the ingredients and cook your own (pretty much like England, whose culinary also sucks and you must have inherited this awful demerit from them)
4-) Hard to make friends and meet dates cause of the hillbillycal way the people behave ("we hate strangers, its a sin to talk to a strangers, strangers cannot be talked to at all, no making friends with the foreigners, only people we met at childhood")
5-) Their provincialism
6-) Lack of beautiful people (except for a very small minority) okay, this one you are okay to accuse me of being shallow and futile
7-) The mosaic culture seems to hamper people from understanding and accepting each other and reaching out
8-) It's economically mediocre sometimes, see dufferin station, see fashion district, see scarboro, canada has to do better than that if it wants to brag about being a rich country, I think it's mediocre
9-) Canadians run away from "busy" areas and love quiet and calm dead boring suburbs, the imbeciles actually think their downtown is busy...oh com'on

honestly, i hate canadian people, they are the most boring people in the world and i only put up with their shit and attitudes and hillbillyness because I have a job here, where i am paid more than in my own country.

though it's poorer, my country is better for me to be happy, i am happier there than here, i definitely dont like it here.

know what, despite all of the above, i still admire this country and think it has value to it, but i dont want to live here forever at all. not even for money, the only motivation i have to be here for the time being.

hope i get my passport just in case i feel like coming back someday, to visit or spend some more time or whatever, but eventually i will always return to the very place where i can be happy, and that is not canada.

I like the USA much better though, too bad its much tougher to get a green card than having a canada PR, which comes as no surprise as the good things in life always come at a higher price, whereas the crappy ones are easy to get.

I am a Canadian citizen who left Canada in 1979. I relocated to New York City and lived there till 1997. I moved again to Miami Beach, where I have resided for the last 11 years. The reason I left Toronto were personal. I am an artist by profession a little avant guard and my style has a retro art deco flair to it. I also at the time I left was very much in the closet. We lived in the suburbs, in the Wilson Heights area and I went to William Lyon Mackenzie Collegiate and finally to the Ontario College of Art. I graduated in 1974 and couldn't wait to go to New York City, to make my dreams come true. The differences between Toronto and New York, culturally and socially were enormous. What I could not relate to being a Canadian living in Canada was the provincial attitude and the fine art scene. Very boring and uninteresting. I was not into the Gay scene either, although I was attracted to men, I was very closeted. New York City, however, made that much easier for me. There were many social outlets everywhere I went in New York to connect to gay people. My New York City experience during the heydey of the Disco era i.e. Studio 54,Xenon, Area, and many Latin nightclubs and of course Roseland Ballroom, for me, defined who I was as an artist, my infatuation with the New York of the 1940s and '50s, Broadway, the movie musicals filmed in New York and the creative fabulous energy of this great city, made it so easy for me to define myself and melt into society as a vibrant creative individual. I did not experience this in Toronto for the first 26 years of my life. My move to Miami Beach, only brought me more to life as an artist. Miami Beach is known for its retro, Art Deco, European, Latin, and Brazilian counterculture. I have never been happier. I moved here from New York 11 years ago, because of the weather. I love the tropical hot breezy balmy climate and the turquoise ocean. I live a block from the Atlantic and I still pinch myself every day that I am not dreaming. It is gorgeous here. I did not like the cold weather of Toronto's winters that always seem to last 8 months out of the year. And I hated dressing in layers, only to sweat in the subways coming back from the gym. I also do not like heated homes because your skin dries up and you are indoors all of the time. So this is why I dislike Canada. Even though the economy sucks right now in the United States, I wouldn't trade moving for all the gold in China.

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