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Originally posted by sirex
i was being sarcastic when i said bmws are made in mexico..

i know vw's are though.

that aside, it doesn't really matter where they are made anymore. Like I said, they all come out of a factory. There is no special hand craftsman ship that those prestigeous companies use to have...

why do u think lambourghinis cost so much? Because machines aren't putting them together, people are. You could just as easily mass produce a ferrari as a civic. The only difference is that it costs more then a civic to produce (higher end metals, carbon fibre) and they choose to produce very few cars.

Nowadays you see a BMW at every corner. They have become as common as any other car. And usualy when you have so many of the same models out it means that they are being mass produced and that no one is really buying the car for the engineering, but rather just to have a bmw. Also the company starts to slack me thinks when they reach a certain level. Which they have..

furthermore its not that BMws suck, its that there are cars that are just as good, sometimes even better yet cost less and dont carry around the name BMW.

"And owning a 100g car right now aint that hard either, get a lease, and you drive a 100g car."

what does all of this have anything to do with the automarket loosing prestige? People 10 years ago owned cars too just as easily. Actually it was probably easier because you didn;t have to pay a gazillion dollars for gas and insurance.

and leasing isn't owning btw.

All M cars were hand made upto e34 m5.
Honda Integra Type R engine is hand built.

Do they cost 300k? NO

Lambo is all about prestege. The price tag is all about research and being a limited production.

You are complaining about BMW is not excluse enough, but you want KIA prices. Sorry never gonna happen.

Ask your parents when they were in school, how many kids drove.
Not a lot. Cars are getting more popular, so more bimmers you see on the road.
And no, owning a car years ago was more prestegious things to have.

Ohhhh and seeing less cars on the roads doesn't mean car is not cool anymore, it means more people agrees with what a car can offer for its value.

If you thing it is cool to have a rare car, get a LADA, you prolly not gonna see another one in a couple of months.

I know leasing is not owning, but when you see an e46 m3, do you know if a guy driving could afford it, or he is leasing it?
I wont say for sure, but I assume leasing a car was also harder before. So again more people can afford cars.

G35 is definitly a hot car (sedan is prolly one of the ugliest cars though) and definitly a good buy. I would actually might consider it over 330ci right now. e46 is already 5 years old, g35 is a new car, but I would have to test drive them both.
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