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Originally Posted by sirex View Post
I don't know about honest and honorable and I don't think it's bullshit.

Honest would have been saying he didn't know. Honorable would have been apologizing for his actions. Not to mention it's been a while that this has been going on.

You have to be pretty obtuse not to know what a conflict of interest is in politics and in life. Most people with jobs have contracts that outline conflicts of interest and the consequences are usually pretty clearly. It's pretty clear in my job. They even give us a handbook.
No that would be neither honest nor honorable. He knew it's a conflict and he's not sorry. The reason I think he did what he did, as I said above, is that he thinks it's not a big deal. Yes, it's technically breaking the rule but he believed it's not the spirit of the rule, since he wasn't doing any of it for his own gain. I think he's the type of guy who feels that, in the end, all that matters is righteousness and that people will see things for what they are. But it doesn't work that way in politics. In the ideal world, that's the kind of guy that would be in every position of power. But in the real one, you need someone who knows the song and dance (like going to the gay parade instead of continuing the tradition of spending time with his family on that day) to keep the lemmings quiet, so that work can get done. So he may not be fit for politics but as for what I see in him, I see a good guy.
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