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Originally Posted by Blades View Post
I heard the "if your a second driver you don't get experience as a primary driver" as well. Best thing to do is bring your insurance company some driver training papers to bring it down and well since your now married if you both get life insurance it will bring down the cost as well.
In my experience, as long as you are listed on a policy as a driver; primary, secondary, or occasional, you will receive credit for that experience, provided you can prove it. I know that some insurance companies do not report the secondary or occasional drivers to the insurance history database, just the named insured or primary driver. (I have a few theories as to why, but I'll save you all a rant) So when an insurance history search is done, nothing shows up for your prior experience. Without the letter of experience from your prior company, you won't get the credit due to you. I often have to encourage people to go through the effort of getting that letter, many just give up and ask how much more without it. Brokers used to be able to do this on your behalf before the new privacy regulations came in to play.

Not many companies offer additional discounts for tying in your life insurance, but I guess a few of the banks may.

The biggest discounts are realized when you have 2 or more cars with the same company and your property insurance (tenant, condo or house) in the mix as well.

Unfortunately, drivers training doesn't often cross provincial lines. Ontario has a lengthy process and most insurance companies don't offer the graduated licence discounts unless you completed every step in the system. As an example: if you were fast tracked through your G1 due to driving experience in another country. No discount. (maybe training, but not Graduated licence)

Previously, being married only had an effect if you were under 25 and male. There is some new discussion with respect to "individualized rating" and if this will weigh in. No clear answer on that yet.

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