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Huge Insurance Issue! Chime in!

So my wife just moved down from Vancouver, BC. She has a clean driving record and has been driving since 2000. The car she has been driving has been under her fathers name as well as the insurnace.

When she moved down here we tried to insure her. The insurance agent requested a letter from the insurance corporation of BC to show how long she has been insured for and her driving record.

Here is the letter:

Re: Insurance coverage history and claims experience for *HER NAME* for the past 6 years

This confirms that *HER NAME* carried no vehicle insurance with the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia during the specified period.

The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia recorded no at fault (more than 25% liable) claims for *HER NAME* as an owner or a driver for the past 6 years.

Our records indicate that *HER NAME* has B.C. driver's licence number 7155946 issued November 26, 1999 with expiry date of May 12, 2015.


She was always under the impression that her name was under the insurance as an occasional driver but obviously this is not the case. Because of this issue the insurance companies want to insure her as a NEW DRIVER!

The original quote was for $1400 with 10 years driving experience. Now its jumped to $3900!

There has to be something we could do. Any suggestions?
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