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To each his would be more ignorant to forget professional engineering designed for enthusiasts that prefer lighter weight cars such as S2000, 350Z, a bunch from Lotus. Civic is not designed for automotive enthusiasts...more for the daily drivers. If that were the case y doesnt Honda themselves modify the car for performance right from the production line.
Civic Si. SiR. Type-R. Mugen specials. Factory standard equipment LSDs in 4-door "non-performance" sedans (Civic Si) when BMW won't offer them in "performance package" 335s. Honda has made far more hardcore performance cars than BMW, no question about it. Arguably BMW has never truly aimed for racetrack performance the way Honda has; even the Evo, CSL, and LTW models are tame compared to the CR and Type-R packages that Honda has been selling for years.

Originally Posted by Dammerung View Post
Again I press on a difference between 0-100 and then onwards. I agreed with you earlier that yes a civic may keep up till 100. After that no way!
I still don't agree, but I'm not the one changing the original question here. You simply said that a Civic would not pass a 540, to which we all know you were wrong.

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the 540 is not a 2 ton plus car.
Okay...using your data it's 1.902 tons. I'm sorry for lumping it into such a far fetched weight category.
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