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Originally Posted by Mystikal View Post
A stock current gen Civic Si will easily keep up with a 540i actually. It won't pass it, but it'd be a draw. Throw an intake/ECU on the Si and it'd leave the 540.

Kev never said stock though.
Maybe from 0-100 because the civic is lighter. but after that...where real v8s play no chance. i know the m62tub engine quite well. 100plus its a torque monster and thts what counts at those speeds. Kev was vague he just mentions civic. and IMO a civic is created for the sole purpose of taking its passenger from point a to point b efficiently and in a reliable way. Thats it. Real joy of driving no thanks not for me atleast.

I just saw its stats. 197 horses at redline and 139 torque. LOL cmon that thing will die against a 540.

kant believe i have to defend a "BMW 540" against a civic se or wutever for comparison lol. i propose a new name

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