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Originally Posted by Bach_850i View Post
Mostly stock 91 318i! Did my research and came up with this: if the rims 17 inch with 7 inch width and et40 with a 73 hubcentric , I need to put a 15 mm spacers and a hubcentric that goes from 57 to 73... is my theory good? And do i have to do the same for the rears or i can leave it with no spacers? And finally does it exist a hubcentric spacer (basically a one piece) with these specs? Thx in advance for ur help... sorry if they seem like basic questions but im a newbie in that departement!
You're correct, except I'd go 20mm spacers all around on those. You can have spacers machined that will fit each hub perfectly but it's typically $$$ (350-400 per set).
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