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Originally Posted by Eurostyle View Post
This is very easy to explain; Yes i did say it was working, and I STILL STAND to that statement! Let me tell you why; it came off a 88 325is, if you search a few years back you can see the car, Alpine white, with seized transmission. We got the car started (at Bimmersort, so plenty people have seen it work), it had fuel issues, was sitting for 3-4 years, and yes it DID run ruff, like any car that sits for that long! But it was running non the less! The engine went to scrap, never every tryed selling it, but to my knoledge ECU's dont go bad just from sitting a long time...So a very natural assumption would be that the part was working.
If the car "DID run ruff" you should have mentioned that, because as soon as i put your ECU in, my car ran ruff also.

Assuming isn't very professional now is it?

As you can immagine, not all parts can be tested in every case (this one did, and was judged to be functional) but some others come from NOT running cars, so there is no way of knowing if something is good or not. This is why we let you test it! Try to go to any junk yard and see if they let you walk out with any electroninc component just to test it!
I should have never had to test it in the first place. If i was looking to test out an ECU I would not have come all the way to Mississauga now would I?

A junk yard WILL let you test their part because they sure as shit will NOT give their word like you did that it works. One also goes to a junkyard under the assumption that the part may not work or even be there. Do not compare.

I let you test it, even take it arround the block to see how it is, before you even buy it, i think this is the best anyone in the industry can do...
That should be expected at the least. You "letting" me? As opposed to what? You selling me it and it not working then me being shit out of lucky because you lied? or driving all the way to Mississauga and back again?

As for the price, i like you to take your offer of $35 and go to Chuck's, Shantaram, or any BMW parts shop and see the kind of service you get. They will laugh at you. I posted my price, like it or not, thats what i was looking to get for it. If i have to spend 2 weeks PMing, fighting over $15, its just not worth it for me. I wasted just about the same time repling to you, as you did driving to see me.
Laughing at me? Its a used part and has no pre determined value. Its also very unprofessional to "laugh" at an offer. Speaking of professionalism if you consider a total 3 (yes 3 i counted) private messages and one phone call you demanded to be going out of your way and "not worth it" then what kind of name are you giving yourself? I also don't know how fast you type but 3 Pm's about 1 sentence long doesn't take over 2 hours to write.

It was your choice to ask the amount you did and although i think its high i still respect it. As i said it was to my ignorance that i assumed it to be a 173.
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