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Raced a MERC SL 500

So I just picked up my brother from school and was coming home. Behind me was an 95ish SL500 and at a red light, he swerves into the next lane. I look over and I see a mid 30s
male. Anyways the lights turn green and I half throttle it. I think the guy in the SL thought i wanted to race have so he floors it, and all i hear were wheels spinning (it was raining today). We pulled through some gears and he had caught up, but this was on a 50km/h area and we were already doing 80 so I let off and he flied by. The light ahead turns red so I line up with him again. This time I put it into Sport mode (ok ok so i have an auto) and stomp on it, the SL spins his tires again and we both fly, we hit 80 again and just then a car turns left into our race path!! I guess that Saturn was scared to see an SL and a 330i flying towards him so he doesn't know where to go so he first swerves into my lane, so I put on my breaks, then he swerves into the path of the SL!! He was probably going faster then I was because all i see was his nose almost diving INto the road!! All this time, my mom, who was in the passenger seat. She was smiling at first and then told me to never do that again (i think she liked it). Anyways, I don't know who killed who here, but it's all good as long as it was fun!

Maybe i shouldn't be doing these things since winter is here and the roads are damp and cold.............hmmmmmmm

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