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hahha the star story is good. now you know the power of the media.. it all comes down how plp write the article.. and this is only local news.. imagine how the twist things on more important news !!

I do agree posting his address and his family info is a little too much. On the other side there is no way he would have not notice. He drives an accura so it probably has hill assits start or some kind of safety feature to prevent rolling backwards (im guessing).. my freaking jeep got that and is a cheap car, acuras cost more $$$$!!! lol... also his is driving on highway traffic so he is probably alert do to sudden breaking. He is also on a 400 series highways rolling backwards... i guess he taught it was normal than his car was moving backward and the other were going forward...

I think we learned a few good lessons from this... get a car camera, do not trust the media or the police, keep a good lawyer as a friend and never I repeat never say you got a camera when u get in an accident, just bring it to court !! something I learned is that police cant do anything.. they just observers, they can give you all tickets in the world if they want but is up to you to make things right in court.. all comes down to the judge and your lawyer !!! freaking rapists and murderers get away with a good lawyer.. thats how messed up the system really is.
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