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It doesn't really matter no, as the stress in question comes from the machining of the part more so, not the use. But cryo treating an engine that is already worn is only going to help reduce wear from that point on. So as long as the block or part is in good condition, it doesn't really matter when you treat it.

And T.Dot E30 its to have a good control before it is treated. If I don't dyno test it prior to treating it, then I am not going to be able to gauge the effects it has. I need to run it for a while to get good info before it is treated. The whole reason I am treating the engine is because a friend owns a a patent on a cryotreating process but usually does big mining equipment. This is an experiement to see the effects of his process on engines and the gains it has. If I didnt dyno it prior it would defeat the purpose of the treatment.
And the amount of work is the least of my worries. Pulling the engine will be a fun afternoon for me and my buddies, and it will give the me chance to put in a new clutch and the M3 6 speed.

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