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Oh yeah, one last thing. Stuff is in Canada so no duties, brokerage fees, GST or PST.

Originally Posted by BmW1819 View Post
is there anything wrong with the euro grills???
Nope, nothing wrong with them at all. The link to the Picasa album shows more pics of the grills (front and back).

Originally Posted by Ceeker
you can replace the retainer cap for the adjuster for pennies from a dealer. As for the cap for the headlight socket - that I don't know.
You can get Euro smileys off e-bay for about the same money brand new with all hardware/wiring/bulbs included for DLRL - DEPOT.
Thanks for the info. I suspect the cap can be sourced from someone like

I really wanted to go with a European manufacturer and wanted to avoid the Chinese-made Depots. I was almost going to get a brand new set from Abraham Motorsports but came across this used set and decided to see if it was worth it.

I'm restoring a really hot E30 Mtech 2-appearance cab and have been slowly building it up. The used lights were too much of a compromise for me. Maybe if I had a daily driver/beater but not for my new baby. I'll be ordering a brand new set from Abraham Motorsports.

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