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Originally Posted by jeffrie
Has any plans been made yet for a new parking lot next year?
Off course we are frantically looking for a new Parking lot, as long as it is only half as good as the Corel Centre lot.

If anybody knows of a larger sized Parking lot that is not used on Sundays, let me know imediately. There a all kinds of these lots around, but then we have to convince owners to let us race there, usually there are Residential areas next to it and this throws the plans out the window.

We were looking at a few lots to continue our AUTO-X season this year, but so far came up empty handed.

There is still a good chance that we get the Corel Centre lot back for next year, they just canceled our per-booked dates for the rest of this year because their "schedule changed" and did not give us any alternative dates.
But that's the problem with this lot, they can and do change the schedule as they like.

Anyways, the MCO is working hard and continues talking with the Corel Centre people and not complain, because this is one of THE BEST Parking lots the variuos clubs have in Ontario. We would be happy to get any one date back.

By the way, next event (JULY 31) is a roadtrip to PMG (Vehicle Test Facility in Blainville, Quebec). The best paved lot in Canada, 18 Football Field large, perfectly even and smooth with special, very grippy asphalt, no Light poles, no curbs, just wide open lot.


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