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Originally Posted by NickP View Post
You can buy an OEM cover plate and Microfilter for about $125 - couldn't find the plate but here's the microfilter:

They were available on non A/C equipped late model e30's.
NickP, It was pretty easy to "cap off" the existing cover plate with fibreglass. As for the OEM microfilter, I didn't want to special order it, it's designed for the European air box and most likely doesn't fit. I might just ship a complete air box from somewhere in Europe, some issues I noticed with my existing one so I wouldn't mind replacing it.

Originally Posted by aviator View Post
Geez louise to look at that dirty filter it makes you really wonder what kind of junk are we breathing everyday? I hav'nt taken a look at one yet but do you think there might be room to add a filter "box" similar to your set up and still keep the a/c evaporator?
It would require about an 1 1/4" of room to relocate either the airbox or airbox and evap lower than it is now based on the thickness of the cabin air filters I've seen.

Do you have any pics of v2 prior to install Mr. Slow?
The V2 filter is actually brand new, picture was taken just prior to instal, It's dark because of the charcoal crystals. I also had to hot glue some material to the sides of the filter to make it fit snug. Thinnest filter panel I could find was ¾ inch, I doubt you could install that before or after the A/C evaporator.

The evaporator core actually filters the larger debris, along with the heater core it gets very dirty over time. To freshen things up I would remove both and soak them in Zep cleaner, blast your vents and box with compressed air, then wipe everywhere you can reach. You might be able to wrap the evaporator with 3M hammock style furnace filter material, It's about 3/16 inch in thickness and shouldn't restrict air flow.

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