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Originally Posted by E30M42cab View Post
The repairs and maintenance is one thing, but once you start modding, you're almost guarenteed a new GF within 6 months unless you can maintain the steady lying and excuses like "Don't worry, I got this super rare e30 __________ for a really good price".
No worries there, I have that rarest of all things, a rational gf I pay my share of the household expenses and whatever else I do with my money is nobody's business but mine. As long as there's room to get her truck in the garage when necessary she doesn't really care what I get up to out there . . . although if my project backlog gets to a certain point she'll strongly recommend I finish a few things up before I tear off in a new direction

I think I'm about done with the car for now. We're finally supposed to get real winter and I think I'd better leave well enough alone for now. My driver's door lock is now refusing to double lock, it won't turn past 45 degrees, so I think a lock cylinder rebuild is in my future. I still haven't had time to test the actuator but it wouldn't surprise me if it's shot as well. I nearly choked when I looked up the price of that -- over $100 We install them at work and our cost is like six bucks. Not exactly the same kind, but we tested some to 100,000 duty cycles without failure. For a hundred bucks, I think I'll try to adapt one of mine.

I looked into the 5-lug swap, and I think at this point it's not worth it. I've been accumulating a monster parts order instead, for a complete refresh of the stock suspension, with the possible exception of springs. Every-damn-body makes E30 sport springs, and they're not hard to find for sale cheap on forums, but I know next winter I'd regret lowering the car even an inch, especially if I replace the front lip. And an adjustable setup is way, way more than I'm willing to spend on suspension for a car in the prairies. If I want to pull Gs it's a lot more fun to do it on a bike, even around town at legal speeds with a bit of creative late-apexing. Not something I could do in a car without looking and feeling like a complete poser retard I might get poly bushings for the rear subframe, diff, and trailing arms just for ease of installation.

I did just acquire a splendidly tasteful bit of aftermarket bling that no rusted out Bronzit beater should be without:

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