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Hey E30 4u.........The last thing you want to do is get in there with a welder....lord knows what is liable to catch fire......Fiber glass is good but if the issue was mine this is how I would attempt to fix it.....
First find some sheet metal...around 18-20 gauge galvanized if possible(no rust)
place two pieces both sides of the hole larger than the hole of course, and shape to fit even if you need to use a small ball peen hammer, get your best fit. Rivet the metal pieces in place over the hole with steel rivets...once that is done you will need to weather proof the repair. Go to your nearest RV dealer and buy a liter of RV roof patch. It comes in white and gray I believe anyways it can be applied with a brush and will harden up like the factory undercoat but it also will stay flexible. Slap that on both sides of your repair let it surface harden up about 24 hrs and you are done.......goodluck
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