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New Car Delivery From Dealer - Keys lost?

Hi All,

After what seemed like forever my dad finally bought a new car... not a bimmer ... an Acura TSX.

The car he purchased was a Demo Model (2011) and driven by an employee at the dealership. Upon delivery... after inspection... she tells him that the employee driving the car had lost the second set of keys however they are ordering a new remote/key at no charge and it will be ready by end of week.

Thats all good, fine... they'll replace it. My issue is with the fact that there is a key somewhere out there that will have the ability to unlock/drive my dads new car. I might be paranoid but after working in a crooked Acura dealership a number of years back I feel uneasy... they have his address etc.

Is there anything to be worried about? ?Or am I just overthinking this...

Thanks all, \

- Adam


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