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Originally Posted by jasonbaek View Post
Yeah I was trying to remove white rebar but the hex nuts were way too tight to unbolt with regular socket I removed one nut and then I was like screw this.. then masked the whole bumper lol.

BTW in order to achieve a perfect masking results when doing masking on a bright coloured bumper is that you need to clean imperfections (after you removed the masking) with #1500 and #2000 grit sandpapers, then polish those spots using #3000 and #6400 polishing compounds.
that is unnecessary; it takes more work to do that then to just take the rivets out of the rebar and remove the bumper shell. :-) once it's off it is easy to push the tabs through to take off the trim.

to do perfect masking you should get beneath the line of where you are painting over. That way when you remove the tape there won't be any overspray.

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