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Originally Posted by doogee View Post

As for the brakes, I was complaining about the low pedal because I was used to the higher pedal in my daily e36. Recently I've driven two other E36's with the same brake setup and the pedal felt just like my M3. So I decided to get used to it. I've just been so used to my black car. So I guess it turns out something is different about that car instead!

I still wish the brake pedal was higher though. Heel toe is much easier in the 328.
Honestly, the best mod we did on the e36 race car was to get rid of the vac booster. Direct connection to the pedal, and now the brakes feel like they are supposed to ... very similar to the full tilton pedal box we have on the e46s. ABS hides so many braking issues with these cars it's not even funny ... I won't say that ABS is bad, because it really is quite effective, but it doesn't let you fully use the brakes, and does nothing to teach you proper braking technique. ANd the booster is just WAY overdone, so there is zero feel.

Just do it If you want a clean bolt on solution, check out Massive Lee's booster delete kit.
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